Meeting with Magda Hueckel in Krakow

W ramach cyklu spotkanie z mistrzami fotografii
Spotkanie z Magdą Hueckel
19.10.2014 godz. 19:00
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, Kraków


ANIMA at the FotoFestival in Łódź

Imaginarium, Gallery ul. Traugutta 18
Opening: 6 june 2014, 5pm
Exhibition until 28 june 2014


ANIMA at the Festival CIRCULATION(S) in Paris

Opening: 08.02.2014, 15:00
Exhibition open until 16.03.2014


ANIMA in Torun

Wozownia Gallery
Opening: 10.01.2014, 6pm
Exhibition open until 02.02.2014


ANIMA at the exhibition UNNATURAL SELECTION in Amsterdam

Opening: 26.09.2013, 3-5pm
Exhibition open until 29.09.2013


Exhibiotion of my new work ANIMA in Poznan

Piekary Gallery
Opening: 07.06.2013, 19:00
Open until 20.09.2013


"Self-portrait - transformations" at the exhibitions DECADE and VOYEUR OR CREATOR ?

DECADE (DEKADA), Galeria Piekary, Poznań, Poland
Opening: 19.04.2013, 7pm
Open until 29.05.2013

Opening: 22.04.2013, 6pm
Open until 27.05.2013


"Calmed self-portrait VII" in the new album by Millenium

Millennium Images Volume V


"Self-portrait - transformations" at the exhibition A LITTLE HAND LAUNDRY in Cracow

Gallery of Contemporary Art Strefa A, Cracow
Opening: 21.06.2012, 7 pm
Open until 13.07.2012


My works at the PHOTO MONTH in Krakow

"Obsessive self-portraits" at the exhibition LIVE FLESH.
Starmach Gallery, ul. Węgierska 5, Kraków
Opening: 18.05.2012, 6pm


Author's meeting in Rybnik

9th International Fotofestival in Rybnik, Poland,
Saturday, 17.03.2012 at 5.30 pm


"No Man's Zone" at the exhibition MARGINGS OF HISTORY in Wagrowiec

 17.02.2012, MDK, Wągrowiec, Poland


"Neglected self-portraits" at the exhibition GIVE ME BACK MY TRAUMA... in Katowice

Pusta Gallery, Katowice, Poland
Opening: 02.12.2011, 6pl
Exhibition open until 08.01.2012


REM CYCLE exhibition in Cracow

Gallery Strefa A
Opening: 18.11.2011, 7p.m.0
Exhibition open until 16.12.2011


My works at the 7th Biennale of Photography in Poznan

"REM cycle - Hypertrophies" at the exhibition THE MARGINAL LANDSCAPE
new work "No man's zone" at the exhibition MARGINSM OF HISTORY
Opening of both exhibitions: 23.09.2011


Short film "The Curse" at the festival New Horizons

I would like to invite you to the premiere of the film "The Curse", in which I had a pleasure to take part in.
11th Internation Film Festival New Horizons
22.07.2011, 1:00 p.m., Helios cinema, Wrocław, Poland


"Compositions (ice)" at ARTVILNIUS 2011 Art Fair

Piekary Gallery, 13.07.2011 - 17.07.2011


COMPOSITIONS (ICE) exhibition in Gdańsk

Gdańska Galeria Miejska 2 (GGM2)
Opening: 10.06.2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition open until 10.07.2011


"Compositions (ice)" at the Vienna Fair 2011

Piekary Gallery, 12.05.2011 - 15.05.2011


"Obsessive self-portraits" at the FOTOFESTIVAL 2011 in Łódź

Magda Hueckel & georgia Krawiec TRANSGRESSION
Galeria FF, ul. Traugutta 18, Łódź, Poland
Meeting with the artists: 7.05.2011, 6:30pm
Exhibition open: 22.04. - 29.05.2011


"Neglected self-portraits" at the exhibition THE PASSAGE EFFECT in Słupsk

Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej w Słupsku
Opening: 28.04.2011, Baszta Czarownic, 5pm
Galeria Kameralna, 6pm


"Neglected self-portraits" at the exhibition THE PASSAGE EFFECT in Bytom

Muzeum Górnośląskie, ul. Korfantego 34, Bytom, Poland
Opening: 28.01.2011, 6pm


"Neglected self-portraits" at the exhibition THE PASSAGE EFFECT in Cracow

OTWARTA PRACOWNIA, ul. Dietla 11, Cracow, Poland
Opening: 07.01.2011, 7pm


COMPOSITIONS (ICE) exhibition in Poznań

Centrum Kultury Zamek, Galeria PF, Poznań, Poland
Opening: 08.11.2010, 7pm


Magda Hueckel at the exhibition BORN IN AFRICA in Warsaw

Project: „Shadows and lights. Africa" by Magda Hueckel and Tomasz Śliwiński (Muzungu-art)
Teatr Nowy, Puławska 37, Warsaw
Exhibition open 13.11.2010, 6-10pm



Stara Galeria Zpaf, Warsaw, Poland
Opening: 25.10.2010, 6pm


“Obsessive self-portraits” in a book by Marta Smolińska-Byczuk

"Puls Sztuki. OKOło wybranych zagadnień sztuki współczesnej"
Galeria Miejska "Arsenał", Poznań, 2010


“Obsessive self-portraits” at the exhibition OH NO, NOT SEX AND DEATH AGAIN! in Sopot

Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot, Poland
Opening: 12.08.2010, 8.30 pm


"REM cycle” on the cover of the magazine Fotografia (33/2010)

Inside the issue text by Dorota Łuczak "Subjectivity dispersed in images – Self-Portraits by Magdalena Hueckel“


“Calmed self-portraits” at Visiones Urbanas in Spain

XIX International Contemporary Art Fair, ARTESANTANDER 2010



XIX International Contemporary Art Fair, Piekary Gallery


“REM cycle” on the postcards printed by Warsaw Branch of Polish Art Photographers' Association


“Neglected self portrait III” at the 3th Auction of Young Art

Dom Aukcyjny Polwiss Art, Hotel Sheraton, Warsaw
15.06.2010, 7pm


"REM Cycle - Atrophies" in the magazine Bsides #05


"REM Cycle" at the Vienna Fair 2010

Piekary Gallery, 05.06.2010 - 09.06.2010


“Neglected self-portrait IX and XI” at the 7th Auction of Collectible Photography

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Rempex, Warsaw
28.04.2010, 7pm


Magda Hueckel at Tate Britain Gallery

“Winterreise” by Magda Hueckel and Tomasz Śliwiński (Muzungu-art) at the exhibition “Moore and Auschwitz”
Goodison Room, Tate Britain Gallery, London
Exhibition open 8.03.2010 – 13.06.20100


"Calmed self-portraits" in Norway

Fotohuset, Østerveien 6, Kristiansand, Norway
Opening: 25.02.2010, 6pm


“Neglected self portrait II” at the 2nd Auction of Young Art

Dom Aukcyjny Polwiss Art, Hotel Sheraton, Warsaw
09.03.2010, 7pm


Article by Magda Hueckel in the new issue of Camera@obscura

Article about Nan Goldin work “Saints, Sisters and Sibyls” in the Camera@Obscura (3-4/2009)


REM CYCLE exhibition in Częstochowa

Galeria Art Foto, Częstochowa, Poland
Opening: 29.01.2010, 6pm


“REM cycle - Hypertrophies” in the magazine Bsides #04


“Neglected self-portrait V” at the XII Charitable Auction for EXIT Magazine

Holiday Inn, Warsaw, 22.11.2010, 5pm


Interview with Magda Hueckel in the new issue of the magazine Arteon (11/2009)


“Neglected self-portrait IV” at the IV Charitable Auction ZIARNO SZTUKI - OGRÓD NADZIEI

Muzeum Narodowe in Warsaw, 26.11.2010, 5pm


“Obsessive self-portraits” at the 6th Auction of Collectible Photography

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Rempex, Warsaw
25.11.2009, 7pm


"Neglected self-portraits" in the magazine Bsides #03


“Calmed (...)” and “Neglected self-portraits” in Arles

Festival Voies Off, Arles, 26.07.2009, 9.30pm


"Obsessive self-portraits" at the Art Fair ArtVilnius 2009

Piekary Gallery at the Art Fair ArtVilnius'09
08.07.2009 - 12.07.2009


“Calmed self-portrait V” on the cover of book by John Cheever

"On dirait vraiment le paradis", Publisher: Gallimard


Photography workshops for children by Magda Hueckel

Nowy Teatr, ul Puławska 37, Warsaw
27.06.2009, 12am


TRANSFORMATIONS exhibition in Słupsk

Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki, Słupsk, Poland
Opening: 19.06.2009, 5pm


“Calmed (...)” and “Neglected self-portraits” in Montpellier

Les projections du jury
Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier


Meeting with Magda Hueckel during The Long Night of Museums

Meetings with photographers
Stara Galeria Zpaf, Warsaw, 16.05.2009, 8pm


“Neglected self-portraits” at 6th Biennale of Photography

Exhibition "Od symulacji do nowego symbolizmu. Aspekty fotografii z początku XXI", Curated by Krzysztof Jurecki
6th Biennale of Photography, Poznań, Poland


“Morphs” by hueckelserafin group in a book OBLICZA FOTOGRAFII

Krzysztof Jurecki "Oblicza fotografii"
Publisher: Kropka


“Neglected self-portrait” at the 5th Auction of Collectible Photography

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Rempex, Warsaw, Poland
Opening: 29.04.2009, 5pm


“Obsessive self-portraits” in Poznań

Galeria Piekary, Poznań
Opening: 06.01.2009, 7pm



Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Toruń, Poland
Opening: 09.01.2009, 7 pm


“Calmed self-portraits” at the 4 Auction of Collectible Photography

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Rempex, Warsaw
26.11.2008, 5pm


“Calmed self-portraits” in the magazine Bsides #02


“Calmed self-portraits” at the group exhibition in Paris

Wanted Paris Gallery, Opening: 18.09.2008


"Calmed self-portraits" at Klima Bocheńska Gallery

Young Art Biennale RYBIE OKO 5
Galeria Klimy Bocheńskiej, Warsaw
Opening: 07.08.2008, 7pm


“Obsessive self-portraits” in Arles

Rencontres Internationales Photographiques d'Arles
Opening 10.07.2008, 7 p.m.


"Neglected self-portraits" at the exhibition PAMIĘTNIKI POKOLENIA TAMAGOTCHI

Gallery of Klima Bocheńskj, Warszaw
Opening: 19.06.2008, 7pm
Exhibition open until 31.07.2008


“Babydolls” (by hueckelserafin) and “Obsessive self-portraits” at the Spring Auction of Polish Photography

Stara Galeria ZPAF 28.05.2008, 6:00 p.m


“Calmed self-portraits” at the Young Art Biennale RYBIE OKO 5


“Obsessive self-portraits” and “Calmed self-portraits” at the 3th Auction of Collectible Photography

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Rempex 09.04.2008, 5 p.m.


Interview with Magda Hueckel in a book by Krzysztof Jurecki

Krzysztof Jurecki “Poszukiwanie sensu fotografii. Rozmowy o sztuce”
Publisher: Kropka

“Morphs” by hueckelserafin group in a book by Marianna Michałowska

Marianna Michałowska "Obraz utajony. Szkice o fotografii i pamięci"
Publisher: Księgarnia Fotograficzna f5



Hueckelserfin group in the athology of young polish culture.

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