On Saturday, June 4, 2016, at the festive closing gala of the 56th Krakow Film Festival, the awards for the most interesting documentary film projects for professional documentary film-makers were given. Krakow Film Cluster Award went to "Study of Chaos," dir. Tomasz Śliwiński, Magdalena Hueckel.

Krzysztof Niemczyk (1938-1994), a famous artist from Krakow, from the circle of Tadeusz Kantor, was hated and forgotten later on. He was a writer, a performer, the only Polish queer artist. He laid bare all kinds of hypocrisy - social conventions, political system. He was not afraid of violating the oppressive system of Polish People's Republic. In 1968, he wrote the novel "La courtisane et les poussins" which was hailed in France as one of the greatest works of Polish literature in the second half of the twentieth century, whereas in Poland the book went unnoticed. Tadeusz Kantor once said about Niemczyk: "Do not think that any society would be able to accept him."