"Compositions" is a contemplative cycle of photographs depicting abstract forms of landscape. The first part of the project entitled "Ice" reveals a frozen monochromatic world. The series was created in 2008, during trip to Iceland, as part of activity of Muzungu-art (artistic group created with Tomasz Sliwinski).  

Six pieces from this cycle are part of ANDEL’S HOTEL CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTION in Łódź (Poland).


(...) The feeling evoked by photographs may be defined as a mixture of friendly calmness and hidden fear lying behind it. The contemplative views depicting nature calm down and stimulate at the same time. Another intellectual trace – the loftiness described by Edward Burke and in particular Immanuel Kant..”
Justyna Ryczek „The (icy) melancholy of image” (fragment)

Editorial to the exhibition catalogue of Magda Hueckel “Compositions (ice)”, pf Gallery, Poznań 2010


Number of works: 24
Size: 105x70
Technique: lambda print, dibond, plexi