PLAGUE CHRONICLES (pl. KRONIKI ZARAZY) (Poland 2020, 9 episodes, 6-13 min each eps.)

“Plague Chronicles" is a 9-episode online series, portraying a family of four in a situation of home isolation caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. The short, humorous episodes document the various stages of the lockdown and go through accompanying feelings – the experience that has happened to all of us in recent months. Its collage formula, containing a living actor, puppets and animation, combines elements of horror and grotesque. Through the main character, Malena, we recreate the complicated process of coping with the new situation. Thanks to it we tame our fears. "Plague Chronicles" are hoped to become an inspiration to reflect on our own attitude and actions, and to search for joy of life and humor.


All 9 episodes are now available online on:

- YouTube channel:

- FB page: Kroniki zarazy - serial internetowy

- Official website:



Directed by Tomasz Śliwiński

Written by Tomasz Śliwiński & Magda Hueckel (based on “Diaries in the time of plague” by Magda Hueckel)

Cinematography, editing: Tomasz Śliwiński

Visual concept, production design, costumes: Magda Hueckel

Animation: Natalia Bucior

Puppet animation: Tomasz Maśląkowski

Stop-motion animation: Magda Hueckel

Music: Stefan Wesołowski

Cast: Lena Frankiewicz


Sound: Maciej Adamczyk

Color correction: Mateusz Zieliński, Magda Hueckel

Produced by LALE.Teatr

Co-produced by Hueckel Studio

Subsidised by the National Centre for Culture under the programme "Kultura w sieci".


Poster by Magda Hueckel